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Introducing the Neuchrometer


The Neuchrometer is Quaesta Instruments’ newest addition to its line of digital neutron pulse monitors, and has many advantages over analog devices including:

- List mode with source tagging, synchronous time stamping across an array, and pulse height

- Multi-channel analyzer

- Internal data logging

- All in a 1" diameter package perfect for neutron coincidence counters and arrays

A web page interface allows the user to view data including pusle height spectra and pusle waveforms from any standard web browser. The interface also simplifies configuration and diagnostics. In addition, a TCP/IP text based interface allows full control of all parameters as well as high-speed access to data.

The Neuchrometer's list mode output includes pulse height and time stamping, with up to 25 nanosecond resolution. During a counting period, neutron events are time stamped and stored on non-volatile internal memory which can then be accessed at any time for further analysis on PC. Models with up to 128 Gbs of internal memory are available. When used in conjunction with a Quaesta Master Clock Ethernet Switch, synchronous time stamping across an entire array of Neuchrometers with source tagging and pulse height can be generated.

The Neuchrometer provides all the advantages of Quaesta's proven neutron pulse monitors including a Multi-channel Analyzer, data logging, and digitally configurable parameters. The device integrates these features into a convenient 1" diameter form factor.

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