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Gamma Spectrometer

     Quaesta now offers two gamma spectrometer products which have many of the features in our neutron detection products such as data logging, computer interface and software. These devices include standard crystal scintillators such as Nal and Csl. 


The GSD-2000 and GSD-2100 are similar. However, the GSD-2000 uses a traditional Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT) for light detection while the GSD-2100 uses a much thinner Silicon Photo Multiplier (SiPM) Array. The GSD-2100, therefore, can be made in a shorter form factor for the same size scintillator. 


Major components: 

  • Crystal Scintillator - different sizes available 

  • Low Noise Amplifier

  • Detector: PMT or SiPM

  • Multi-channel Analyzer (MCA)

  • Data Logger & storage - stores count rate, spectra and device parameters 

  • USB and Ethernet interfaces


The defining difference between the two units is that the GSD-2100 is optimized for a small size while still maintaining high sensitivity. This size reduction is made possible by use of relatively new Silicon Photo Multiplier (SiPM) detector arrays which can replace bulkier Photo Multiplier tubes while still offering high gain. For larger scintillators, we provide SiPM arrays to match the scintillator output facet to optimize spectral resolution and sensitivity. 






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