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Quaesta and Gamma Ray

Future Research

While Quaesta Instruments has made a name for its self in the field of neutron detection, we have begun to expand into the field of Gamma Ray spectroscopy. Our current research has started to look into the applications of using our Neuchrometers in conjuncture with a scintillating detector, we are able to monitor and identify various substances based on the observed energy. This allows us to create the unique spectrum that is unique to every atomic structure.

Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

Gamma Rays are high energy electromagnetic radiation (similar to visible light, Ultraviolet, and X-ray but much higher energy) that are usually associated with Radioactive decay and various other processes. These gamma rays travel at the speed of light in energy levels of up to several MeV (mega electron volts) from a radiation source and interact with atomic nuclei. When the nuclei is stimulated by the gamma ray, the energy is absorbed and remitted, now with a unique wavelength (and energy) of that individual element or isotope. When this energy is captured through a Neuchrometer, we are able to create a histogram of the captured interactions which allows us to identify the elements that are involved with the reaction along with their relative concentrations.


Gamma spectroscopy is not a new idea and has been around for the better part of the last century. What Quaesta aims to do is to bring a reliable, hand-held device that will allow for easy and precise measurement and identification of various samples in both the lab and field setting. The applications for this technology are;

  • Geologic Mapping

  • Foreign/Dangerous object identification

  • Water resource mapping

  • Nuclear testing and maintenance

  • Cosmic Ray interaction

  • Space exploration

Make sure to check back soon as we provide continual updates about our future product and for those who would like to become a partner with Quaesta Instruments in our pursuit of future technologies please feel free to contact us at: info@quaestainstruments or (520) 882-3706

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