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     Quaesta Instruments recognize the importance of educating the next generation of scientists and so we have made strides in making our equipment easy and simple to use.  Quaesta’s Neuchrometer comes equipped with a Graphical User Interface; built on a HTML 5 architecture, our custom built User Interface allows for ease of use and set up to help make our device the premier teaching tool.

     The Quaesta Neuchrometer comes with a Pulse Simulator function that allows the user to test the features of the device and to replicate real world events. This can be utilized as a tool for teaching the prominence of neutron events. The GUI also allows the user to tweak a number of settings within the device, such as;

          - Operating voltage

          - Gain

          - Upper and lower discriminator

          - Number of bins.

To learn more about our custom equipment, click here or contact us at: or (520) 882 3706

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