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February 10, 2016



     The Neuchrometer is Quaesta Instruments’ newest addition to its line of digital neutron pulse monitors, and has many advantages over analog devices including:


- List mode with source tagging, synchronous time stamping across an array, and puls...

February 10, 2016




     Quaesta Instruments has just finished designing and manufacturing a portable backpack neutron detector. The system uses two 1” x 1’ Helium-3 proportional counter gas tubes, with Boron-10 lined and Boron Trifluoride tubes as an available option. Th...

February 10, 2016





Quaesta’s Neutron Pulse Monitor (NPM-3000) has several unique features that separate it from a standard preamplifier and allow it to be used in a wider range of applications.  The NPM-3000 interfaces with proportional style gas tube neutron detectors....